Video Game Scalping refers to people who buy up limited edition video game items and sell them for astronomical prices. This type of behavior is criticized by the gaming community because when scalpers get their hands on those items, they usually do not care about the game or franchise and instead only care about how much money they can make.

Gamers who truly want these limited edition items are either fans of a particular series or a game they are excited about may not be able to obtain them because the scalpers would buy them up in a short amount of time and then they can't afford the inflated prices caused by scalping.


  1. During the amiibo craze back in 2014, there were listing of certain rare amiibo (such as Marth, Villager, and Wii Fit Trainer) that are sold on eBay for around $100 per figure (even though the retail price for each figurine cost $12.99). The Rosalina Amiibo also became the target of scampers, infamously a user by the name of Mariotehplumber, who bought over 262 Rosalina Amiibos so the fans could not.
  2. When the NES Classic Edition (which retailed for $59.99) came out back in November 2016, there were going to be limited quantities for each store, when they were sold out, countless amount of listings appeared on eBay that went up from $100-$12,000. Often, scaplers bought the entire stock of a store.
  3. When Square Enix announced that there were only going to make 30,000 of the Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector's Edition (which retailed around $270), they were sold out instantly and were resold for around $370-$650.
  4. When the SNES Classic Edition was announced the pre-orders for Amazon UK immediately sold out and scalpers already put the SNES Classic on Ebay for 300$, even though the console hasn't even been released yet.

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