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The Violent Video Games Return Program was an event created by a community group SouthingtonSOS of Southington, Connecticut shortly after the Sandy Hook Shooting.

Members of the group claimed that the purpose of the event was to get parents to talk to their children about violent video games. However, the other purpose of the program was to take violent video games, as well as violent movies and music, and destroy them and incinerate them. Anyone who agreed would receive a $25 gift card for other entertainment purposes, like water parks.

While it did receive support from most of the town, the program was heavily criticized by other sources (even Common Sense Media) for promoting what was basically similar to book burning and using violent video games as a scapegoat for violence in our society.

Because of the pressure, the program was ultimately canceled, but one of the members stated that their mission was successful nonetheless due to their word getting out about violent video games.