Virgin Play
V.2 Play Logo

Virgin Play was a Spanish video game publisher and distributor who at peek, were the largest spanish gaming company. They were split-up from the Titus Software owned Virgin Interactive in 2002, and filed for liquidation in 2009.


In May 2002, the Spanish division of Virgin Interactive, known as Virgin Interactive España SA, was purchased by Tim Chaney along with former Spanish president and founder Paco Encinas. The branch was then separated from the main Virgin Interactive company, already part of Titus Software, and kept its own identity as a Virgin brand, and was renamed Virgin Play.

During it's time, Virgin Play was mainly a distributor for gaming companies such as Ignition Entertainment, Interplay Entertainment and Koch Media in the Spanish and Portuguese market. They also distributed the GP32 console for Europe.

In 2006, Virgin Play announced their first self-published games: Torrente 3: The Protector, Final Armada and Dead 'N' Furious.

In 2007, the publishing division of Virgin Play was renamed as V.2 Play. Tim Chaney left in 2008 to found his own gaming company and in 2009 the company entered liquidation.


Why they suck

  1. Awful graphics in games.
  2. Lack of originality.
  3. Bad Visuals.
  4. Piggy-Backs on successes of certain licensed properties.
  5. Awful edits to their opening logo (V.2 Play version)

Redeming Qualities

  1. They were mainly a distributor for companies such as Interplay Entertainment and SNK Playmore.