Virtual Hydlide Box Art

Atlus published this?

Virtual Hydlide is a remake of the original Hydlide and released in 1995 for the Sega Saturn. The only thing about the game that received any praise was randomly generated worlds.

Why it Sucks

  1. Ugly, digitized CG graphics.
  2. Lack of story. It's basically the same story as the original Hydlide. Gather the three fairies, three gems and defeat Voralys.
  3. The player character is a portly-looking digitized actor, wearing armor that looks like it is made of cardboard.
  4. Very slow frame rate of five frames per second.
  5. Difficult to attack. It's hard to tell when to attack an enemy with melee attacks dues to the camera always being behind the hero. There are ranged weapons such as the dark sword and light sword that fire magic energy but you don't get them till later.
  6. The shop in the game is worthless because it contains items you can easily get in the world. Since the Dark Sword drains points that are used in the shop, there's little downside to using the Dark Sword.
  7. Rather than improving the level experience that made the original Hydlide a chore, fighting monsters in Virtual Hydlide is mostly pointless aside from getting points. You only level up in the game by completing objectives.
  8. While the randomly-generated world system was praised, the only major difference it makes in each playthrough is the location of each of the items and dungeons so all you do is run to different areas in the game rather than explore. It also changes where treasures are placed in dungeons.
  9. No dialogue in the game. The only voiced character is a vampire boss and his one speech has terrible warped audio, making it impossible to understand.
  10. The box art is a clusterfuck of random images.