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Voxelized is a block-building action adventure game, developed and published by Lord Kres, which was released in 2015 and published on Steam.

Why it sucks

  1. Given the extremely limited number of available blocks it's hard to build anything remotely interesting.
  2. The soundtrack consists of only one song, which becomes tiresome after a while.
  3. There are no lighting effects or shadows, environmental effects such as rain or progression from day to night.
  4. Many bugs and glitches are present.
  5. The overall game feels rushed and unfinished.
  6. It has no losing conditions, objectives, combat, time limits, hazards, or computer controlled characters of any sort, despite being an action-adventure game.
  7. Just a blatant Minecraft rip-off.
  8. Can be finished in a few hours.


The game currently holds a score of 0.64 / 5 on Gamefaqs and it is the #1 lowest rated PC action adventure game on the site. It holds a score of 47/100 on Metacritic.