WCW Backstage Assault is the last WCW game ever released, and was one of two WCW games published by Electronic Arts. It was released in December 2000 for the PlayStation and Nintendo 64. This game is considered to be one of the worst wrestling games of all time.

Why it Sucks

  1. Only features singles matches, nothing else - and you can only fight backstage! Despite the game being called Backstage Assault a wrestling game should have at least one actual wrestling ring to fight in.
  2. Half of the wrestlers are locked from the start, and the locked ones are very hard to unlock.
  3. The roster mostly consists of useless jobbers, and some people who aren't even wrestlers!
  4. Buggy gameplay engine, even though it is the same engine that WCW Mayhem used, which was not bugged and actually was at least mediocre.
  5. The weapon system is also buggy and all weapons feel the same.
  6. The Square button is a multi-use button, which is very convoluted to use.
  7. You can use your finishers way too quickly, and they don't do as much damage as normal attacks. Finisher moves should do more damage than the regular attacks because they're supposed to be used to finish them and successfully pin them out and win (that's why they're called finisher moves in the first place). For the same reason the finisher attacks shouldn't be able to be used too much.
  8. Horrible graphics.
  9. Choppy, clunky, and jarring animations.
  10. Poor character design.
  11. Due to a modeling error, Scott Steiner has green hair by default. You can fix his hair, but doing so will take him away from the main roster.