WWII Tank Battles

WWII: Tank Battles is a Europe-only low-budget PlayStation 2 tank simulation game by InterActive Vision Games and Midas Interactive Entertainment.


The game is divided into 2 campaigns: Western Allied (particularly American and British) and German, each with ten missions. In each level you can choose historically accurate tanks, of which there are five for each side.

Why it Sucks

  1. Boring, generic, and extremely limited "WWII movie/game" soundtrack. All of the levels play the exact same military march over and over again.
  2. Overly formulaic and repetitive gameplay. For starters, you have no allies in all of the levels, and each of the levels have the same objectives, which range from destroying enemy positions to reaching a certain area.
  3. Extremely dull environment with awfully outdated graphics to boot.
  4. Idiotic AI.
  5. Ear-bleedingly awful sound design consisting of extremely monotonous sound effects.
  6. The game claims to be historically accurate, yet it makes numerous glaring anachronisms. For instance, in one German level set in North Africa, you can drive a Panther tank, when in real life the tank was never used there. In another, in the last Allied level, the final bosses are not one, but two super-heavy Maus tanks. Only two prototypes were made for the tank, and one of them was unfinished. Neither prototypes saw service; they ended up being captured by the Allies towards the end of the war.
  7. For a game about WWII tank battles, the game doesn’t feature the Soviet Union.


Of the 14 people who bought the game via, 10 of them gave this game 1 star, with some of them describing it to be the worst PS2 game ever.