WWII Combat Road To Berlin
WWII Combat: Road to Berlin and Iwo Jima (Known as Battlestrike: Secret Weapons and The Heat of War in Europe respectively) are 2006 low-budget tactical first-person shooters by Groove Games, City Interactive and Direct Action Games released for both the PC and the Xbox, the latter of which only got released in the US. They were made on Epic's Unreal Engine 2, which was used for a number of games such as Unreal II: The Awakening, Unreal Tournament 2003 and 2004, Postal 2, etc.

As the names imply, they are WWII first-person shooters focusing on the European and Pacific theaters of war respectively. Both games were met with extremely negative reception and have been often regarded as two of the worst games of all time.

Why they Suck

  1. Despite the name Road to Berlin, the game actually starts in Berlin itself.
  2. Both games only have 10 missions with varying absurd objectives, which are very short, and can be beaten in one hour.
  3. Terrible graphics that resemble games made in the early 2000's. Even Call of Duty 2 that came out at the same time as these two games have much better graphics.
  4. Even the gun reloading animations are laughable, stiff and slow.
  5. No Medkits or other health-restoring items, forcing you to restart the level of you only have very little health left, since the games have an old-school health system rather than a regenerating one. This can be also very aggravating if you're playing the games on the hardest difficulty.
  6. Laughable and horrendous enemy and friendly A.I.
  7. Generic and unsatisfying music.
  8. Hilariously bad German text on certain textures.
  9. Terrible and lackluster voice acting.
  10. Lackluster multiplayer with awful Bot A.I.
  11. Useless trivia rewards via photographing certain weapons or obtaining certain Japanese artifacts.

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