Wargaming contributor and YouTuber SirFochYou got threatened by Wargaming for criticizing Wargaming's World of Tanks marketing policy and game.

How it started

At first, Wargaming EU, An European division of Wargaming. Promoting SirFoch, One of respected and famous World of Tanks YouTuber into community contributor as part of indirect advertising campaign. However SirFoch often makes rant videos about Wargaming for adding unbalanced premium tanks that lack weak-spots, forcing players to use "Premium Ammo", an expensive ammunition that you can buy with high amount of in-game currency or buy it with premium currency. He often uses swear words as well.

SirFoch's rant reach into climax when he criticizing Wargaming for releasing "Chrysler K" premium tank that he stated that its armor layout is lazy, Especially machine guns port that usually known as weak-spots of many tanks that didn't included as armor layout. And weak gun that "forced" players to using premium ammunition.

Wargaming later took action on SirFoch's rant by removing his contributor status of SirFoch ad threatened to claim a DMCA take down unless SirFoch removed the video on his own. They also stated he would never be able to monetize his YouTube content. SirForch caved into their demands but also posted another video calling them out on it.

Massive backlash

After Wargaming threatened on SirFoch, World of Tanks community unleashed a massive backlash on Wargaming by boycotting World of Tanks for their actions. Jim Sterling, a YouTuber who has plenty of experience with frivolous copyright claims and attempts to silence criticism, quickly got news of the incident and predictably made a video about it.

According to himself, Jim received a massive amount of E-mails from World of Tanks fanboys asking him not to do the video. In the video, Jim also called out those fanboys and pointed out that the incident wasn't about the game, it was about a game company abusing DMCAs to silence criticism. He also revealed that Wargaming tried to defend their actions by claiming that SirFoch's rant video was a form of defamation. Jim responded by pointing out that copyright strikes are not about bad publicity and Wargaming was openly admitting they were abusing it. Addiionally if they really believed they had a defamation claim, they'd need to sue SirFoch for defamation.

Due to the massive backlash received, Wargaming was forced to retract their actions and apologize to SirFoch.


Wargaming just made sure EVERYONE hears about their World of Tanks BULLSHIT07:52

Wargaming just made sure EVERYONE hears about their World of Tanks BULLSHIT


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Of Course You Realize, This Means Wargaming (The Jimquisition)25:54

Of Course You Realize, This Means Wargaming (The Jimquisition)

Wargaming x SirFoch The Epilogue10:07

Wargaming x SirFoch The Epilogue

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