Wayne's World is a platformer released in 1993 by THQ on multiple consoles (the SNES/Genesis versions were developed by Gray Matter whilst the NES and Game Boy versions were developed by Radical Entertainment). It is loosely based on the movie of the same name. An MS-DOS version was also released by Capstone as a completely different game.

Why it Sucks

SNES and Sega Mega Drive / Genesis only

  1. Cheap excuse for a plot- Garth gets kidnapped by the boss of a fictional videogame mentioned in the movie and Wayne has to go save him.
  2. Ugly, repetitive graphics.
  3. Wayne's sprite has a huge, bobble-like head that's digitized when the rest of his body is not, which not only looks very out of place next to the other bad graphics but makes it very tough to avoid enemies attacks.
  4. Stages are huge, repetitive mazes with no sense of direction.
  5. Bad controls. For instance, you cannot attack while ducking.
  6. Bad collision detection and broken platforming physics. You could accidentally jump onto a higher platform or fall through platforms if your jumps are not precise, as well as jump up through the floor above you and take damage from obstacles you couldn't avoid.
  7. Bad music.
  8. Awful sound effects, especially from your character's main attack.
  9. Redundant dialogue.
  10. Cringeworthy attempts at recreating scenes from the movie, especially the "Bohemian Rhapsody" scene and especially in the Genesis version.
  11. Stupid enemy boss designs, including a sentient set of bagpipes, a deformed-looking hockey player, a giant donut man (another weak reference to the movie) and Elvis Presley.

NES and Game Boy only

  1. Bland graphics that look like a "kindergarten colouring book", according to James Rolfe.
  2. Has zero plot apart from random conversations between Wayne and Garth between each level.
  3. Wayne's only form of attack is a kick which has almost zero range, making it difficult to hit enemies.
  4. Cliched enemies (i.e. ninjas, spiders).
  5. It uses the same exact engine as the NES version of Rocky and Bullwinkle, developed and published by the same companies.
  6. You take damage from falling.
  7. Wayne and Garth share the same lifebar.
  8. The NES version's music is as poor and repetitive as the NES version of The Terminator, which makes sense since both games were developed by the same company.
  9. There's little to no strategy in the linear stages due to the lack of any sort of level design making it not matter which route you take. This also makes the levels really boring and easy (with the exception of fighting enemies).
  10. Failing to hit enemies will often result in them continually bouncing off of you and able to empty your whole lifebar in just a few seconds.
  11. No ending.
  12. Even less inspired boss designs than the 16-bit versions, with the first boss consisting of a bouncing stack of records.
  13. The first demo shows Wayne taking constant damage from enemies and not being able to kick them, while the second demo shows Garth taking a gun but not hitting the enemies, and also taking damage from them.

MS-DOS only

  1. Lackluster story.
  2. Barely follows the movie at all.
  3. Ugly graphics.
  4. Only two songs play through the entire game.
  5. A confusing menu bar filled with mostly useless options.
  6. Several bugs.
  7. Constant shoehorn of voice clips from the movie.
  8. A useless save feature.
  9. A painfully long sewer maze.


James Rolfe commented that "there's clearly no thought process going on," claiming that "as long as the game says Wayne's World, kids will want it."

Flux magazine ranked Wayne's World as the 19th worst video game of all time.