Both these adaptations of Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! are Sega CD games that were both developed by Absolute and published by Sony Imagesoft. They were also released in the same year (1994).


Merv Griffin is rolling shame for this poor adaptation on one of his game shows...

Jeopardy Sega CD

...And the same goes for this one.


Well, if you have watched both these game shows, you know the rules of these games. They also contain FMV contestants and hosts.

Why they both suck

  1. Due to the limitations of the Sega CD, the quality is horrible in both games.
  2. The contestants are completely mute; they say nothing, not even a sound.
  3. After the contestant's animation, they go to a complete still photo, which looks creepy and seems like they are staring at you.
  4. Poor sound effects.
  5. Poor acting.