The Wireless Hunting Video Game System, or simply called "Wireless" is another console made by Kids Station Toys, which created the Wireless60 and Wireless Air 60. The system looked similar to the Zone 60 and has 5 separate cables to hook it up: 3 AV Cables, Power Adapter, and a Light Bar for the gun.

The system is extremely rare, and is available for either $60 or $110.

Why it Flopped

  1. The AV cables are all very short and made the console nearly impossible to hook it up with all 5 cables. However, you can put batteries into it to eliminate the use of the power adapter, but still it is hard as heck to hook it up.
  2. The sensor for the gun has a suction cup on it which makes it hard to put it somewhere, so if you're gonna play this, use tape.
  3. The system comes with 20 games that all involved shooting the gun at a specific target. Notable games include Trophy Season, where you shoot animals during hunting season and must avoid shooting Does and Fawns. The system also had Duck Hunt, which was a remake of the classic NES game. It even kept the laughing dog!!!
  4. There are different versions of the gun depending on the version. These versions include the all-orange colored version, an orange version with the main piece colored black, and another version with a wood color. Not that it matters...


Worst Console Ever 3 - Rerez

Worst Console Ever 3 - Rerez