Xiao Ma Li

"Hey they were right, that's the smallest Mario I've seen! He's so small, you can't f**king see him!" - JonTron

Xiao Ma Li (also known as Small Mario) is a pirated NES game made by the Taiwanese company Nei-Hu Electronics and is based of the Taiwanese gambling game of the same name. In several consoles that used NES hardware, it was called Small Mario.

Why it Sucks

  1. Annoying sound effects.
  2. Boring gameplay.
  3. Low quality.
  4. Bad graphics.
  5. It was called Small Mario outside Taiwan, but Mario's not even in the game.


JonTron played that game while reviewing a plug and play console called Game Fillip. He did not actually play that because he only saw the title screen. He then told that the game was right and that it's the smallest Mario ever because he can't be seen.