Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z

Ninja Gaiden Zero Stars.

Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z is a 2014 spin-off of the Ninja Gaiden series developed by Team Ninja, Spark Unlimited, and Comcept and published by Tecmo Koei. The game was produced by Keiji Inafune, who created the titular protagonist Yaiba and provided his character designs. It was released worldwide on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 in March 2014.

Why It Sucks

  1. Unlikable protagonist.
  2. Forced humor.
  3. Poor voice-acting and dialogue, which wastes the talents such as Troy Baker.
  4. Badly implemented execution moves.
  5. Awful camera.
  6. Difficult for the wrong reasons.
  7. You can only regain health by performing executions.
  8. Combat system lacks flow and rhythm.
  9. The console versions are locked to 30 fps.
  10. Blocks and counters are difficult to time right.
  11. Many enemies on-screen, which makes it hard to keep up with the action.
  12. Shallow puzzles.
  13. Trial-and-error parkour sections.
  14. you cannot cancel your moves by dodging this makes the combat frustrating since you will not be able to avoid taking damage.


The game received mixed to negative reviews. The PS3 version has a Metacritic score of 43, while the PC and Xbox 360 versions have scores of 49 and 50, respectively.

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