YandereDev (real name Alexander Stuart Mahan, also known as EvaXephon) is a game streamer and indie game developer who is developing Yandere Simulator, an "anime simulation game" that became very popular after many famous streamers played this game

Why He Sucks

  1. He is incredibly lazy. He claims he works on Yandere Simulator for "12 hours a day, 7 days a week", yet he barely makes any progress on the game for months because he's "busy" streaming games like Nioh, even after claiming he rarely has free time and talking about how he's married to Samus Aran (Metroid). Hard at work there, Yandev!
  2. The game he is "developing" doesn't even follow the definition of "yandere". A yandere is SPECIFICALLY someone who appears sweet and caring on the outside but is cruel and menacing to whoever poses a threat to her and her love interest. Yandere-chan, however, is emotionless (as stated in her official backstory) and does not appear to show compassion for others. This makes her a kuudere, someone who appears to be emotionless (or is emotionless) but has a strong love for someone or something.
    • This was changed in 2017. Now the player will have the choice of helping others in order to win the game, making the player able to turn Yandere-chan's character a bit.
  3. He has been working on Yandere Simulator for 4 years already. While this may not seem bad, he would've gotten out of the alpha testing sooner if he had paid more attention to the game, or at least managed to get it onto something like Steam Early Access. However, due to him being lazy and easily distracted by free time, he is still working on the alpha build.
  4. His game is an asset flip. Although the NPCs appear to be MMD assets lazily mashed together, the backgrounds were originally created by someone named Doug Clayton, who YandereDev stole grass textures and the protagonist's room from. He "did a poor job at removing the watermark" according to Clayton, who asked him to remove it from the game in vain. He even attempted to ask Toby Fox if he could use assets from Undertale.
  5. His coding skills are absolutely horrendous. For Yandere Simulator, the codes are poorly structured and redundancy is rampant.
    • Before starting his development on Yandere Simulator, he attempted to impress the Skullgirls community with a 3D hack & slash prototype. The one person he failed to impress is Skullgirls' lead developer Mike Z who criticized his prototype for its primitive coding and lack of crucial features for a fighting game. At first, Mike encouraged Alex to work harder, but after a month, even Mike lost his patience. YandereDev proceeded to have a colossal hissyfit after Mike claimed that nobody would want to hire him.
  6. Blocks and insults anyone who mods and/or improves his game.
  7. He had a falling out with TinyBuild and broke up with them right after forming a partnership with them, even though they were trying to help him. This was apparently because YandereDev didn't understand the revised code one of the TinyBuild programmers gave him.
  8. He attempted to justify the actions of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the perpetrators of the Columbine High School massacre. When others urged him to seek counseling from a professional, Alex insulted them in return.
  9. Before developing games, Alex was known for his extremely bad livestreams. He also consistently spammed message boards like /v/ with his streaming threads to the point that some forum moderators would delete his threads as soon as they were posted.
  10. He's also incapable of accepting criticism. Even back in his livestreaming days, he was infamous for banning and insulting anyone who dared to criticize him. It was so bad that he banned and chased away a vast majority of his audience over the course of one night.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Despite being a horrible developer, his video game Yandere Simulator is nonetheless one of the most anticipated indie games ever. The demo versions are available to download for free and are actually pretty enjoyable. However, the full game's release date has yet to be announced.


  • "Woah, technology!" - a sentence he said in a video, became an Internet meme.


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