Juego desconheciod
Yaris is a Toyota-licensed game that was released for free on the Xbox Live Arcade in 2007 and was later pulled in 2008 due to negative reception. It has the lowest Metascore on Xbox 360.

Why It Sucks

  1. Despite the title "Yaris", you don't race anybody.
  2. No plot
  3. It's impossible to beat the game, due to no plot
  4. Racing is "automatic" meaning even if you don't control it still does the turns at a constant speed
  5. Horrible Stages (they are just space pipes and not actual speedways)
  6. The game feels like an on-rail shooter rather than a racing game.
  7. Enemies' animations is basically an animated loop
  8. Awkward graphics that are around 6th generation standards with barely any hardware rendering into them.
  9. Unforgiving attacks (the enemies' splash attacks can chain-strike you to death within a few seconds)
  10. Awkward death animation (your car spins around with no smoke and it looks like the driver could just keep driving if he wanted to)
  11. Weird soundtrack (focuses hugely on throbbing bass)
  12. Upgrades for tires and colors are pointless since they don't really affect the gameplay at all
  13. Grinding for upgrades requires you to play through the same race over and over just to grind coins. To add insult to injury, there is an achievement that requires you to farm 1,000,000 of them mindlessly.
  14. It uses a stock logo instead of the trademark Yaris logo.

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