The Zone Mini Interactive Gaming System, or Zone Mini, is the third Zone console made in 2011 shortly after the Zone 60.

Why it flopped

  1. The system had only one controller with a smaller size and slightly different button layout.
  2. The console was extremely tiny and contained only 35 games.
  3. A large portion of the games were the same as the Zone 40 and some new ones.
  4. The box of the console advertised the console as being a portable device, however you could only hook it up using composite cables (mono only by the way). The box even contained a bag that could hold all of the contents, which stressed the portability aspect.
  5. The system had no purpose except for being a cheap way to buy a cheap console.

Tweeterman287 reviewed the system, so if you'd like to watch the video you want.

Zone Mini Review21:54

Zone Mini Review

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