Zone Wireless Gaming, or simply Zone, is a Wii ripoff system containing 7 sports games.

The console can still be found online for sale, but it is not worth buying since the Zone 40 and Mini contain similar games as this system. But if you want a cheap way to get the Intec Interact system, this is a good idea.

Why it Flopped

  1. The system had Wii-like remotes that had a similar button layout to the Wii, and a speaker which didn't function at all.
  2. The system is actually reminiscent of the Intec Interact with the same games as the 8 in 1 cartridge (except for Fishing).
  3. The console was literally almost the same as the Interact system too, however, it lacked the cartridge slot that the Interact had. The console had flashing lights on the console, as well as the controllers. The menu was the exactly the same as the Interact, except for not having the fishing game.


The sports games included were:

  • Boxing
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Baseball
  • Table Tennis
  • Bowling
  • Soccer

The games were later on the Zone 40 and Mini, but changed heavily.


Give Away Contest

Give Away Contest

TechMamba reviewed the console, so if you want to learn more about the console and games, go ahead and watch it.

Or you can watch ProJared's review on a similar system: the Intec Interact.

Worst Console Ever - ProJared

Worst Console Ever - ProJared