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Zusar Vasar - 2000 - Real Vision

Zusar Vasar (ズサーウァサー Zusāwasā) is a Japan-only racing game released for the Sega Dreamcast in 2000.


Players race with futuristic chariots (called "steelsledges" in-game) that are carried by robotic animals (called "doublesteeds" in-game) in land, sea, and air.

Among the game‘s modes include your typical racing game modes such as a championship mode, time attack mode, etc. However, this game also includes a "Single Battle Race" mode that allows you to use weapons.

Why It Sucks

  1. Ridiculous and laughable premise.
  2. Slippery tracks, which make it very easy to hit walls throughout the race. To make things worse, the driving controls are stiff and tough.
  3. Poor graphics.
  4. Absolutely generic rock music-type soundtrack.
  5. Engrish typos.
  6. Unfair difficulty- Some of the tracks have turrets as obstacles which ignore the AI and only ever fire at the player


The game, while having a positive reception in Japan, was met with mixed reception amongst critics and gamers alike overseas. The general consensus is that this game is average, and a disappointment that doesn‘t live up to its premise.

In his review for the game, the GagaMann of the Dreamcast Junkyard felt that the "Single Battle Race" mode included in the game prevented it from being boring. He also tells his viewers to avoid this game unless they‘re willing to sacrifice "good gameplay for kangaroos with flamethrowers".